The Silver Collection

Introducing a stunning new range of personalized bags from Apatchy. 

The Silver Collection has been greatly anticipated from not only customers and bloggers but also the press, and we are very excited to launch. 

With products ranging from our small mini cases, makeup bags and wash bags to our stunning new weekend holdall, the silver collection will make a great set of gifts for girls of any age. Featuring some stunning new patches, from rainbows and unicorns to flowered skulls and silver bows, this collection is bound to liven up your accessories wardrobe!..(read more)


All Apatchy bags have a unique and revolutionary way of instantly personalising their bags. With a new 'micro gripper' technology that acts in a similar way to velcro, all you need to do is grip our initials and patches on to the style area of each bag. This means that each bag can be made bespoke to you, without the hassle of ironing, gluing or sewing to achieve the personalization required. And with over a hundred patches to choose from, including a great range of Union Jack flags, sports and other icon patches that can fit in between your initials, this bag is truly unique to you or the person that you are buying it for! You can learn more about how each bag is personalized here. To browse our extensive patch collection, please click here.


If you wanted a bag that did not feature personalization, our great range of 'customised' bags are perfect for you, and also make a unique gift for men. Instead of gripping initials on to your bag, our great range of large Union Jacks complete the look, with a nod to Great British design and heritage. To see an example of how stunning our customised bags look, please visit the Customised Silver Makeup Bag . It's colorful matte sequin flag patch creates the perfect summer pouch, allowing your makeup bag to stand out in a unique way.

When it comes to creating the perfect gift for girls, it is always worth buying additional patches from our shopfront, so that they can choose and interchange between a personalized and customised Apatchy look!  

The Silver Collection

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